Nursery’s Pizza Restaurant

Friday 3rd March | 2 comments

Last week we found that we could make a pizza shape using the magnetic shapes. This lead to talking about pizzas and making our own.
This week we opened our pizza restaurant. We wrote a sign, shared the menu with adults and then came the hard work! Lots of different children went and asked the adults in the north building what kind of pizza they wanted. The orders came in and we made labels to go with the pizzas. We prepared the mushrooms and tomatoes by chopping them carefully and then we made them.
We showed our customers where to sit, laid the table and offered them a drink. We got some excellent feedback and we earned £1.40. We now have to decide what to buy with the money!

Great team work!

2 responses to “Nursery’s Pizza Restaurant”

  1. Mrs Galbraith says:

    Thank you very much for my pizza – it was delicious. Have fun spending your money.

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