Another busy week in Reception

Friday 3rd March | No comments yet

What an exciting and busy week we have had in Reception!

On Tuesday we celebrated Shrove Tuesday or as the children like to call it – Pancake Day! We made pancakes and then tasted them. Most children liked them especially with jam on them.

We have also been practising our addition skills and played some games with counters and boxes. The children tossed the counters into the box and had to count how many were on each side of the line and then count how many there were altogether.

Then on Wednesday we started planning birthday parties for our class bears. Farsley Bear and Sky Bear were going to be 5 years old on Friday and the children were very excited about it. They talked about what happened at parties and set about making cards, hats, decorations, presents and cakes.

Today was the busiest day of all! The whole school celebrated World Book Day and the North building came dressed in pyjamas. We read our stories and had hot chocolate (But managed to stay awake!).

Friday afternoon was party time and everyone had lots of fun helping the bears to celebrate.

Everyone should sleep well tonight!

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