More Jungle fun in Reception…

Sunday 3rd July | 2 comments


We have reread the book ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ with the children this week and have highlighted the rhyming words. The children have thought of other words that may rhyme and have been playing a rhyming BINGO. We have also been learning about how to write postcards and what information needs to be included.


The children have been solving addition and subtraction problems using number lines, drawings or counters. An example problem:

Miss Hutchinson has 8 pencils and Mrs Wilson gives her 11 more. How many pencils does Miss Hutchinson have altogether?


The children have been matching animal patterns to their animals and have recreated the patterns in groups on large paper. They  then experimented with different media to recreate patterns including chalks, crayons and pastels.

Wildlife Park

The children and adults had a fabulous time at the Wildlife Park and the children were very well behaved. It was a lovely day out and it was lovely for the children to see the animals that they have been learning about over the last few weeks.

Mrs Fulton has previously posted some photographs from RF’s trip. Here are some pictures from RH’s trip:

Some pictures of the animals:

See you all tomorrow for another fun-filled week in reception!

Miss Hutchinson




2 responses to “More Jungle fun in Reception…”

  1. Ellen (Rhys,Erin's, Aylas mum) says:

    Erin has loved this topic on animals. Her favourites were the Tigers and the little monkeys. She has been coming home talking about what she has been doing. She likes drawing the patterns.

  2. Zayn's mum says:

    What lovely pictures. It looks like a super day out!
    Thank you for for sharing.

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