December already!

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This week in Reception we are learning about the meaning of Christmas and talking about how Christians celebrate.

The children will be designing and planning their own Christmas cards. They will look at different examples for ideas. Then they will  plan the card and list materials they want to use and how to fix these things together. We will also talk about why we send cards and the other times people send cards.

The Literacy this week will include writing  their Christmas card plan as well as the greeting inside the card. The children will also create a storyboard of the Christmas story and ‘Hot Seat’ different characters from the story.

In Phonics most children will be learning qu, ch, sh and th. Mrs Fulton’s group will begin to work on g, o, c and k and Miss Hutchinson’s group will be learning ow, oi, ear, and air. This week’s tricky word is ‘she’.

In Maths the children will be continuing to develop their counting skills and begin an introduction to addition. This will be through fun and practical activities They will use familiar objects and even themselves to begin to combine two groups.

Don’t forget our Christmas Nativity productions on Tuesday 8th December at 9.30am and Thursday 10th December at 2pm.

Have a good week from The Reception Team

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