Farm fun in Nursery this week

June 29, 2015 at 8:13 pm

The children have talked a lot today about everything they saw on Friday with great enthusiasm. We are encouraging the children to write about their favourite part of the trip. Children can write letters and make marks – the tricky part is telling an adult what they have written. Those children who didn’t go will be encouraged to write about something they did at the weekend.
We will be creating paintings and drawings of the animals we saw and what we did at the Farm. To develop story telling skills, the children will use a ‘farm story bag’. In the bag are farm related objects and the children will choose one and then start a verbal story, each taking it in turns to add another object or animal to the story. We will be reading the story ‘Rosie’s Walk’ and using the props to retell the story using positional language like next to, behind, around etc..

Sun, sun, sun!!!
Please make sure your child has sun cream applied before coming to school. Named hats and sunglasses need to be in your child’s bag on their peg. We do aim to keep the children cool and encourage them to drink water in between snack times.

Stay and Play
Stay and Play sessions continue on Wednesdays – 8.45-9.15 and 12.30-1pm, everyone is welcome!

Transition in to Reception
The children will start to spend time in both of the Reception classes over the next few weeks. Miss Hutchinson will be coming in to Nursery to see the children. On Wednesday 1st July the children will be spending time with their new class teacher. For those children who aren’t at Nursery on this day/at this time we shall schedule another slot in.

Have a great week, stay safe in the sun.
The Nursery Team.

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We are getting our creative juices flowing in Reception this week!!!!!

June 29, 2015 at 3:32 pm

This week is a very exciting week for the children as they will get to use their wonderful creative skills to produce some fantastic work. Thank you very, very much for all of the model-making resources you have brought in – they are gratefully received!!

The children will be working in groups throughout the week to make, plan, research and evaluate a model of a wild animal. The children will be creating the model out of different resources as well as creating a piece of music and dance based on their chosen animal. We will be collecting observations throughout the week which will be filed into their folders for you to see.
If you can please do come and watch the children’s performances as well as looking at their fabulous models this Friday (3rd July) at 9:30 in the infant building. The children would LOVE to show you their work.
I also just wanted to share a picture of some of the children with their fantastic (independent) non-fiction books all about the wild animals we saw at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. I was so impressed with the children’s independent learning skills. Well done!

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Hesketh Farm

June 26, 2015 at 3:34 pm

Nursery have had a fantastic day at Hesketh Farm today. The weather and the children have been brilliant! Thank you to everyone who was able to come. The best quote of the day was
“This is the bestest place in my whole life!”

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Fine motor fun!

June 25, 2015 at 3:18 pm

We have all been working hard in Nursery this week developing our fine motor skills. This will help us with our writing and holding of pens/pencils. Well done everyone for trying your best and being the best you can be.

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Reception at The Wildlife Park

June 23, 2015 at 12:18 pm

What a fun and exciting day we had yesterday at The Yorkshire Wildlife Park!

On the bus on the way there, the children were so excited and on the way back some fell asleep as you will notice in the photos below. In between, the children saw camels, polar bears, lions and so many other animals. We are sure your children told you lots about their day. We all met together to eat our lunch and then set off again on further adventures. Have you asked your child about their favourite animal and why they liked that one better than the others?

Today in school the children had so much to talk about. Some have written about their experiences and others have painted pictures. This will be continuing for the rest of the week.

Don’t forget that next Friday (3rd July) at 9.30am you are invited to stay and see some of the children’s creative work on wild animals.

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Disco Dough

June 22, 2015 at 3:33 pm

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Developing skills in Nursery this week!

June 22, 2015 at 2:18 pm

This week we are developing our fine motor skills which help to support us with our writing and in particularly controlling our pencils. Every week we practise ‘Disco Dough’ which builds our arm strength.
We are using white paint and PVA solution to draw on. The solution is spread over a small area and the children can then make marks, write letters or numbers this is then transferred on to a black piece of card. We are using tweezers to move beads on to a pattern, put water beads on suction pads and to see how many beads we can move in 1 minute!! The final tricky task is to use a pipette filled with water and gently fill the holes at the top of a Duplo brick! A lot of fine motor skills need good hand-eye co-ordination, arm strength and concentration.

Hesketh Farm Park
Please don’t forget our trip is THIS Friday (26th June). You will need to bring a packed lunch and suitable clothing. The current forecast is a high of 21oC and rain. So please make sure you have rain coats and wellington boots. There is plenty for us to do both inside and outside. Fingers crossed the weather may improve so be prepared in case the sun does come out!!! The last information packs should be out at the end of today, so if you haven’t yet received one then please let me know. We will open the doors to Nursery as normal and aim to be on the bus and minibus by 9.30am.

Stay and Play
Stay and Play starts THIS Wednesday, the times are the same 8.45-9.15 and 12.30-1pm. All adults are welcome to come and explore Nursery.

We look forward to seeing most of you on Friday morning for the trip. Best wishes to our Muslim families during Ramadan.

Have a super week
The Nursery Team.

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Day trip fun in Nursery

June 19, 2015 at 2:56 pm

This week we have started to talk about holidays. The children have been busy writing postcards, making ice lollies and kites. Then we have all been on a train journey and seen sharks and dinosaurs. When we stopped at the station we had time to fly our kites and finish our trip with a yummy ice lolly!

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Holiday fun in Nursery this week

June 16, 2015 at 8:12 am

We are talking about holidays – what do we take on hot/cold holidays and how do we get to our holiday? Apparently you could travel by helicopter if you wished! The children will sort out and pack the correct clothes for a hot and a cold holiday. To practise our mark making/writing the children will be writing a postcard and drawing a picture of their favourite holiday. The rest of the week will be spent making kites, ice lollies and planning our train journey (pretend). The children will create their own train and decide where we go on it, there will of course be time to fly our kites and eat our ice lollies!

Stay and Count
This is the last week for Stay and Count. Next week we will start Stay and Play where parents and grandparents are welcome to stay and play and investigate the Nursery’s area of provisions.

Hesketh Farm
Please can we ask that all remaining money is sent in asap. An itinerary and farm information will be sent by the end of this week.

Sunny weather
Please can we ask that all day sun cream is applied to your child before Nursery starts. A sun hat is also useful to keep the sun off their faces – please make sure they are named.

Enjoy the sun!
The Nursery Team

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Jungle fun in Reception this week and important trip info!

June 15, 2015 at 3:48 pm

Another busy week ahead in Reception!


This week in our Literacy lessons we are learning about jungles and rainforests! We have looked on a map to see where rainforests and jungles are in the world. We will also be thinking about exploring jungles and what we may need in our own rucksacks if we were explorers. The children will  be reading the book Rumble in the Jungle by Giles Andreae. We will be thinking about words that rhyme and talking about the different rhythms poems create. Our Bee Jobs will include wild animal box-modelling, labelling the contents of our jungle rucksacks, finding out the most and least popular wild animal and using describing words to write sentences. Our tricky word this week is – have.


In our maths lessons this week we are continuing to think about how we measure. We are focusing on capacity and how we measure capacity. The children will be using words such as full, nearly full, empty, half full and nearly empty. We will be testing and estimating which containers will hold the most water and will be evaluating our findings.

Our trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Our trip to YWP is next Monday 22nd June. We are all very excited and it promises to be a fantastic day! Please make sure your child brings their lunch in a named rucksack that they will carry around with them. The children also need sun cream or a waterproof jacket (depending on the weather). School uniform is to be worn as usual. As mentioned on a previous letter there is a chance that we will be arriving back to school a little later that 3:15. We are hoping that we will be back before 3:30 so please be prepared for home time to be a little later than usual!

Have a wonderful week!

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