A busy week ahead in Nursery

Monday 27th April | 1 comment

We hope you have had a great weekend. We think the children are going to have a great week looking after our new arrivals! So far today we now have 6 ducklings with another 2 eggs starting to hatch! The children are enjoying watching and listening to them. Next week will be duck week!

This week we are looking at animals that grow. We are matching baby animals to their mummy and listening to sounds the animals make and finding their picture. We are talking about what else grows? The children recognise that they have grown and we will be looking at their baby photos to see how they have changed. We continue to do lots of counting and singing of number songs. Our small world area is now a farm.

Stay and Count
Don’t forget Stay and Count is every Wednesday 8.45-9.15 and 12.30-1pm everyone is welcome even if you only have a spare 5 minutes come and join in the number fun!

Have a super week, feel free to pop in to see the ducks.
The Nursery Team

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  1. Ellen (Erin's & Rhys mum) says:

    Lovely to see the ducklings this morning. Very cute. Erin stayed at Thornton hall farm this weekend with her grandparents so saw lots of new animals including a new calf that was born that morning.

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