The wait is over….

Sunday 26th April | 6 comments

Over the last 4 weeks the Nursery children have eagerly awaited the arrival of what they thought was in the eggs. We can now confirm that inside the eggs wasn’t a football, princesses, chocolate, a girl, a lion, a butterfly or chicks – they were in fact DUCKS!!!!! The first arrived before lunchtime and the brown 2 arrived after 4pm with a little encouragement and help from Mrs Longhorn. 4 more eggs are starting to crack so who knows how many more will arrive by the morning!!?

6 responses to “The wait is over….”

  1. Caroline (Emmie's mum) says:

    Emmie will be so excited!

  2. Cheryl alfies mama says:

    Oh alfie would love to see. Can I nip him in to see them in the morning when we drop summer off?

  3. hannahstewart says:

    Of course you can visit

  4. Ellen(Rhy's mum) says:

    Erin is surprised they are not dinosaurs. She would like to hold one maybe, but only a small one. X

  5. Danielle (Ayla's mum) says:

    Good job it isn’t chocolate. Think Ayla has had enough of that!

  6. Anya's mum says:

    Anya thought the eggs would either have chicks or chocolate in them!… She’s quite happy that they’re chicks

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