A busy week ahead in Reception!

Monday 10th November | 4 comments

We are having a very busy week in Reception with the start of our new ‘Space’ topic and a focus on Remembrance Day tomorrow.

In RC we have a new role play area and the children have enjoyed dressing up as spacemen and blasting off to a far away galaxy! We are also focusing on remembrance day and the children have been busy creating a beautiful wreath for the Year Two children to take down to the cenotaph in Farsley. We will be having a special assembly on Tuesday that will include a minutes silence to mark our respect. In Reception we have been thinking about the importance of remembrance and being thankful for the world we live in today.


This week in Literacy we are focusing on the story of Mr Zigger and Mr Zagger; two aliens that live on the moon who keep missing each other and falling asleep! Instead of reading a story book we have been re-telling the story using actions. This encourages the children ‘s story telling skills and is a fantastic foundation for creative writing in years to come. The actions are based on the link below so take a look or ask your child if they can re-tell the story too! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5vmLvOf6fg) We will then be looking at re-telling the story using ‘story maps’ and the children will be having a go at creating their own story maps! We will post some pictures of the story maps at the end of the week so watch this space.


We are continuing to focus on 2D shapes this week. We are looking closely at identifying different shapes and noticing the difference between them. We will be asking lots of questions: How many sides does this shape have? How many corners can you see? Are all sides the same length? We will also be using the ipads to find different shapes in our environment.

We hope you have a fantastic week!

4 responses to “A busy week ahead in Reception!”

  1. Kirsty (Charlie's mum) says:

    Sounds very exciting! Charlie has been telling us all about remembrance and what it means. He is very excited about Mr Zig and Mr Zag!

  2. Claire (Rebecca's mum) says:

    Rebecca told us the Mr Zigger and Mr Zagger at bedtime instead of reading her a story. Loved all the actions!!

  3. Rob (Lucy and Toms Dad. Also parent governor) says:

    Lucy has told the story very well. I especially liked the squeaky doors.

  4. Lily Curteis says:

    The childrn have been telling me that they have been sharing Zig and Zag’s story at home! I’m glad you are enjoying it too! Miss Curteis

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