Firework fun in Nursery!

Friday 7th November | 1 comment

Nursery children have had a very busy week learning all about Guy Fawkes. We are so impressed at how much they have remembered:

‘Explode’, ‘He tried to kill the King’, ‘The soldiers caught him’, ‘He died and went to heaven’ were just a few parts of the story they remembered.

We did some exploding rockets outside and even had time to pretend to be rockets! I think the best bit for the children was making the chocolate apples!

One response to “Firework fun in Nursery!”

  1. Ellen (Erin's mum) says:

    Erin really enjoyed last week on the run up to bonfire night. We even painted Catherine wheel pictures on the drive and watched them wash away in the rain. Erin enjoyed the rocket display you did but was a bit confused why the black one didn’t work?

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