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Monday 3rd November | 2 comments

Welcome back after a well earned week off. The children are refreshed after the break and ready to go! Today they listened to the story of Guy Fawkes and we talked about the reason we have Bonfire Night. We have lots of activities planned for the week including making rockets, using shapes to make firework pictures and writing exciting Bonfire words. Look out for the displays in both classrooms!
Please carry on bringing cardboard tubes into school for the children to use for their rockets (sorry not toilet rolls!).
Well done to all the children who practised fastening their coats over the holidays. Please continue to encourage your child to be independent in dressing for PE and with their coats.
From all the Reception staff.

2 responses to “Reception News”

  1. Nathan says:

    Nathan thinks Guy Fawkes was a bit naughty, but is looking forward to seeing all the rocket fireworks tonight (he tells us he’s made a red and yellow rocket at school).

  2. Kirsty (Charlie's mum) says:

    Charlie has had a great week and has been telling us all about how Guy Fawkes was a baddy, we enjoyed going to see two bonfires this week but some of the fireworks were a bit noisy!

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