Explosive fun in Nursery this week!

Monday 3rd November | 4 comments

Welcome back after half term! We hope you had a great week and the children are rested and prepared for a busy term!

This week we are finding out about why we celebrate ‘Bonfire Night’. The children will be listening to a story all about Guy Fawkes and how he wanted to kill the King using lots of gunpowder. We are practising the rhyme ‘Remember, remember the 5th of November, gunpowder, treason and plot’.

We will be creating our own firework pictures and rockets which will be displayed in the classroom by the end of the week. We are making some yummy chocolate apples and looking at how chocolate goes from being ‘hard’ to being ‘runny’. We will then finish our learning by watching our very own exploding rockets outside!

Have a great week. Enjoy bonfire night – be safe!

The Nursery Team.

4 responses to “Explosive fun in Nursery this week!”

  1. Ellen(Erins mum) says:

    Erin has listened really hard at pre school and impressed myself and Rhys with her guy Fawkes facts. Erin’s favourite fact was that he tried to kill our king but he didn’t!

  2. Noah's mum says:

    Noah was full of excitement when he came home from nursery, telling me how you made a firework with lemon juice? He acted out what happened ( quite impressive). And he was telling me all about guy fawks.

  3. hannahstewart says:

    We are really impressed at how much the children have remembered about Guy Fawkes. We did make exploding rockets using an Alka Seltzer tablet and lemon juice.

  4. Danielle (Ayla's Mum) says:

    Ayla has had a great week and has been full of excitement for the 5th of November. We’ve heard the rhyme several times and last night she told us all about the gunpowder plot with masses of enthusiasm.. Many thanks for a great week!

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