Things are quacking in RS and RC this week!

Wednesday 30th April | No comments yet

We can confirm that we have only managed to hatch 2 ducks this year. The ducklings are growing fast and next week they will be going to their new home.

In literacy this week the children are producing non-fiction books about…ducks!! In small groups they will be using the iPad to take photos, record their voices and use the app ibook creator. As part of the content of the book the team of children will be producing the life cycle and writing a sentence giving us a duck fact!

In our phonic groups we are working hard on learning our phonemes, digraphs, tri-graphs and handwriting. Mrs Booth’s group are looking at tricky words, alternative spellings of the ‘igh’ and ‘ee’ phonemes. Miss Baird’s group are revising the digraphs ai, th, ch, sh, ng. Miss Curteis’ class are practising their tricky words and revising the tri-graphs ear and air. Mrs Longhorn’s group are learning the new digraph ng and revising sh, ch and th.

In Mathematics we are learning all about ‘time’. We will be looking at the days of the week and sequencing a typical day. The children will all make their own clocks and use them to look at o’clock and half past. They will be introduced to a lady called Mrs Cogsworth – I wonder what she will do?!

Don’t forget it is a bank holiday weekend so we will see you bright and breezy on Tuesday morning.

Have a great weekend!

The Reception team.

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