An exciting start to the term!

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Welcome back! We hope you have had a great 2 weeks. Who can believe we are in the summer term and getting ever closer to the children moving up to Year 1! As part of the transition, the children will no longer self register and they will put their fruit in their tray.

Expectant eggs

The children are excitedly awaiting something to hatch from the eggs! They are due to hatch so make sure you keep checking in RS’s classroom for any new arrivals. 2 of the eggs have got holes and have been seen rocking and squeaking today; we hope they will hatch out tonight!

Rodley Nature Reserve

Thank you to the parent volunteers today who helped with the RS trip to the nature reserve. Also a huge thanks to the volunteers at the reserve who shared all their expert knowledge on wildlife and nature. The children had a great time investigating the dragonfly ponds, pond dipping and creating their own grass/leaves sticky board. We are sure RC class will enjoy their visit on Tuesday 13th May.


RS children will be writing a sentence about their favourite part of today’s trip to the reserve. We will also be doing a piece of writing about what is about to hatch out of the eggs! The children will also be using the ipads to take photos and record their voices, along with lots of creative work based on the new arrivals!


We are focusing on subtraction. The children will be solving subtraction, take away, minus calculations using objects. We will be explaining to the children that when we take a number away from another number the answer will get smaller. Some children will be challenged to solve subtraction problems like – There are 9 people on the bus 3 get off. How many people are left on the bus?


Over the next 2 weeks we are assessing all the children in order to update their targets. Over the next term we will be really pushing the children to help them reach their potential and hopefully get ‘a good level of development’. The Early Learning Goals we are aiming to reach were given out on parents’ evening.

We hope you have a great week. Don’t forget to keep checking our blogs for updates about our new arrivals. We would love to read any comments you would like to make.

The Reception team.

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