An egg-cellent end to the term in Reception!

Friday 4th April | No comments yet

This week Reception have been very busy getting up to all sorts of Easter themed activities! We have all been taking part in an ‘Egg protecting’ competition. Children selected materials to protect their egg and then we dropped them from a height in the hall to see if the eggs cracked. Many of them survived but I’m afraid in a few egg-treme incidents there were some eggy-endings! The children have also been creating chocolate nests from shredded wheat and making beautiful Easter cards to take home. This afternoon we all had fun in the mud searching for an Easter treat by following lots of clues. We hope you all have a brilliant Easter break!IMG_9295 IMG_9312 IMG_9350 IMG_9345IMG_9305 IMG_9309 IMG_9328 IMG_9358 IMG_9363 IMG_9379 IMG_9375 IMG_9390 IMG_9409 IMG_9425 IMG_9435 IMG_9438 IMG_9442

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