Reception blog – 21.01.22

January 21, 2022 at 4:16 pm



This week we have looked at the tricky word ‘she’. We went on a treasure hunt to find ‘she’ and all the other tricky words we have learned. We have also looked at the phonemes/graphemes for the digraphs ‘sh’ and ‘th’.


In maths, we have revisited comparing amounts to see which was more or less. We have introduced the word ‘fewer’ which the children found quite tricky. The children used lots of resources to work out and show their answers.

A visit from a fairy

We received a letter from a fairy who had lost her magic beans! The children had the challenge of finding the beans in exchange for some real beans that we could plant and grow. Extra activities included colouring pictures for the fairy and writing letters.

We have learned all about planting and what plants need to grow. Fingers crossed we grow something…..


The cold weather has brought ice to our playground. The children have been exploring the different areas to locate where the ice has formed. We have discussed how ice is made and when it melts. We put some water in the trays outside and added some objects. We left the water overnight to see if it would freeze. The children then investigated how long it would take for the objects to be free (the ice to melt).

Everything else.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Reception team

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This week in Nursery

January 21, 2022 at 1:44 pm


The story of this half term is ‘The Gruffalo’. It has really surprised me how many children say they have this story at home and are able to join in with the repeating sentences. We’ve been reading it together but here is an online version to share with your child if you do not have a copy at home. If you are ever stuck for ideas for presents this and any story book are a good idea.


A couple of weeks ago the children received a free book entitled ‘Alan’s Big Scary Teeth’. Being aware of dental hygiene is part of our new curriculum and this week we have been thinking about which foods are good for your teeth and which foods need to be limited. Lots of children were able to sort different foods into the two categories and think about why things are not good for their teeth.


Lots of children talked about the story of the alligator’s teeth so Mrs Spencer set up an activity to develop the children’s cutting and fastening skills. Any child who wanted to have a go made their own alligator…

Woodland Area

Some of the children had the opportunity to visit the woodland area again this week…


Although we access the outside provision in all weathers it is definitely nicer when it’s a sunny day…

Lots of other things…

The children have been doing lots of self-directed activities this week as well. Have a look at all of the child-led learning that’s taken place in Nursery this week…

Have a lovely weekend, from the Nursery team

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Nursery News

January 14, 2022 at 1:27 pm


The big reveal!

This week the children have been thinking about what might be in the box we talked about last week. We chatted about what they thought it might be and then some of the children drew pictures of their ideas.

The answer…. a bird’s nest! The nest came from my Christmas tree. When we cut off some of the branches to put in the compost there was a nest in the middle of the branches!

The children were really surprised and enjoyed feeling how light it was and looking closely at how it had been made.

Have a look at some photos of them drawing their pictures and holding the nest…

We wondered how a bird had made this very detailed delicate nest. We had a look on YouTube and found a clip of a blackbird making a nest and how the eggs hatched and the chicks grew.


We hope you enjoyed receiving the book ‘Alan’s Big Scary Teeth’ this week. Please share it with your child often. See if they can tell you the story using the pictures and maybe identify some of the letters in the text especially those contained within their names. You can also add it to your list of 22 books in 2022! Here are some children enjoying books in Nursery…

The story is about an alligator and here is a ‘Write Dance’ activity the children have enjoyed this week all about alligators…

Role Play

The children have continued to enjoy our medical role play area. If any parent works in this field and wears a uniform it would be lovely if you could come into Nursery and chat about your job.

Box modelling

Thank you for the contributions of boxes this week. Please keep sending them in. As you can see in the photos the children really enjoy making models and especially the part where they use the scissors!

Lots of other things…

Have a great weekend, from the Nursery team

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Reception blog – 14.01.22

January 14, 2022 at 1:21 pm



This week the children have looked at the tricky word ‘into’ and learned all about the phonemes/graphemes for ‘qu’ and ‘ch’.


In Maths this week, we have learned about the numbers 7 and 8. The children have enjoyed using the various resources to discover different ways to make each number.

Healthy eating

Some of the children have been interested in ‘healthy’ eating. We decided to have a go at making some ‘healthy’ crisps. We tried making banana, apple, and pear crisps. We were more successful with the apples and pears! After creating a little treat for the whole class the children completed a taster session before discussing what the word ‘healthy’ means.

Puppet Pals

After an interest in the puppets and creating shows, the children were encouraged to use an app called ‘Puppet Pals’. They added their own characters and recorded themselves telling stories.

Everything else

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Reception blog – 07.01.22

January 7, 2022 at 4:29 pm



This week we have spent some time revisiting the previously learned phonemes/graphemes. We have also looked at ‘z’ and ‘zz’. The children have impressed us with their reading and writing.


During our maths sessions, we have practised number formation and focused on the number 6. We have spotted 6, drawn representations of 6, and made 6 using different manipulatives.

Our new areas

The children have enjoyed exploring the new areas in our classrooms!

Busy Bee books

This week the children have started writing in their ‘Busy Bee’ books. We have been practising our sentence structure and letter recognition/formation.


This term we are focusing on ‘ball skills’. The children are already impressing us with their skills!

Everything else

Have a lovely weekend.

From the Reception team

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A new year in Nursery

January 7, 2022 at 2:00 pm


What a positive start to 2022!

The children have returned refreshed and ready to learn after their break. We have had such a busy week and there are lots of things to tell you about.

What’s in the box?

A mysterious box arrived in Nursery this week and the children have had fun thinking and talking about what might be inside. Here are a few of the things they suggested…

Daisy thought some clothes,

Douglas thought it might be a dog and then after feeling that the box was light that it might not have anything in it,

Sienna suggested a toy aeroplane,

Edie thought it might be a clown,

Emily thought it could be round like a ball after we heard it sliding when the box was gently tipped up,

Lauren thought there might be some heart lip balms inside (wishful thinking!)

Ezrra thought there might be a toy inside.

There were lots of other suggestions as well and the children tried to ask some questions about the contents such as ‘is it red?’ It can be very difficult for children of this age to ask questions so we gave them a sentence starter ‘Is it…?’ Can you have a chat about the box at home and see if your child can come up with some more ideas? You could then add them to EExAT.


Although it has been snowing today, at the beginning of the week we had to supply our own snow. The children enjoyed experiencing the ‘pretend’ or artificial snow…

Role play

Some of our children decided to play ‘doctors’ this week so we got out the role play resources and set up a medical centre. They enjoyed checking each other’s temperatures, bandaging broken arms and generally caring for children and dolls!

Box modelling

Over the Christmas holidays most homes are inundated with boxes of varying sizes and the Nursery team have been saving them up for the children to use in the creative area. Lots of children have enjoyed selecting resources and cutting and joining them together to make models. Even though we brought in lots of boxes they don’t last long so if you have any at home please send them into Nursery. If you can put them in a carrier bag them we can ‘isolate’ them for a few days. Have a look at some of the things the children have made…

Other things

The children have enjoyed being reunited with their friends and the Nursery environment. Have a look at some of the other things they have been doing this week…

Big Reading Challenge

Read 22 books in 2022! The children at Farfield are taking part in a reading challenge and Nursery are also involved. Don’t worry we don’t expect our youngest children to read by themselves. Instead we are asking Nursery children to share 22 books by 22 different authors with their parents, siblings or grown-ups. Sharing and listening to stories helps develop a love of reading, inspires imagination and develops vocabulary. You will receive a letter with further information but here is a link to 50m recommended books for 3 and 4 year old children to give you some ideas. We will also be starting a library borrowing scheme in Nursery in the coming weeks. This challenge lasts until the summer so you have plenty of time, as the older children have been told it is not a reading race!

Tune in next week to find out what is in the box!

Have a good weekend, form the Nursery team

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